Event Overview

Bumpy road always lead to the beautiful destination. People think, only few get started! Ideas, Passion, prototype, launch, funding, take off. A Kingdom startup is an idea which needs much planning for final action with an outcome of achievement. And yes the board that hangs over the Kingdom startup people heads reads” Risk Ahead”. Nothing comes easy and the enthusiasm, new ideas, skills, opportunity along with a drive to take the tough road to the finish line that spells success is what it takes for a startup team.
Middle East is well known as a great place to start and develop a business. Small businesses are the lifeblood of any national and state economy. The entrepreneurial spirit that propels people to create and grow new businesses has been an essential part of the growth for a nation. In fact, small businesses account for the majority of net new job creation in any country. The Small Business and Technology Development is nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit. This Business Kingdom Start-up summit is one of the most highly regarded and valued summit will be helping people who are thinking about starting a business in Middle east.
New technology tends to come from new ventures— Kingdom startups. A new company’s most important strength is new thinking: even more important than nimbleness, small size affords space to think. While owning a business may be a personal dream for many, managing a business may prove difficult because of a lack of prior business ownership, experience or management skills. An honest self-evaluation will allow you to assess your personal characteristics and determine your willingness to meet the demands of owning your own business. Many questions must be answered and certain information gathered before determining the feasibility of your business idea. Careful research and analysis will help you in evaluating your concept and assist you in assessing your idea.
We TraiCon events proudly present “Kingdom Start-up Summit 2017” which brings together key experts from array of industries such Entrepreneurs, Investors, Venture capitalists, Media personnel, Inventors, Students as under one roof to discuss about how we can start a successful startup and what we can do to make our startup into the next level by achieving the goal.



Kingdom StartUp Saudi Summit gives you the possibility to enjoy entrepreneurship and technology at a unique level. Our different events allow students to get in touch with our core technologies, to educate themselves within them, to connect and to inspire them to innovation.



Kingdom StartUp Saudi Summit 2017 provides unique industry and tech insights for early-stage and late seed stage Kingdom start-ups. Year after year we are blessed to witness an unprecedented power of will in forming our future and resulting in the emergence of successful start-ups.


Benefit From Our Investors Program and Meet your peers

  • Meeting Over 300 Founders
  • More Than 150 Investors
  • Investing in over 20 Industries

Hot Industries

Wearable technology


Artificial intelligence

Virtual reality


3D printing

Fraud detection


Health care

Education technology

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